Two More Famous Losercorns

Retarded Losercorn: Michael Jackson! How can someone who is rich and famous decide he dislikes himself so much that he spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to become someone else? Was he ashamed of being black?? Instead, in his quest to become white, he turned into a creepy clown zombie. Clowns are bad, m’kay? And everybody SHOULD know what to do in case of a zombie attack. Oh. Sorry. That’s for another post. (not to self, write Losercorns Guide to Surviving a Zombie Invasion)

Awesome Losercorn: Peter Parker. How excellent would it be to get bitten by a spider and gain super powers?? Poor Peter, he’s this nice guy, hardworking, loves his aunt. His boss is a jerk, he doesn’t have enough money to afford a car, and can’t get the girl of his dreams because he doesn’t want to endanger her. So, he keeps on fighting the good fight while everyone he encounters thinks he’s just another dork. Go Spidey, you rock!


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