The Boring Post

This post has absolutely nothing interesting to say.

So why are you reading it?

You know, you’re wasting your time here.

There’s nothing funny here.

You’re probably expecting some clever remark or something like that.

Well too bad!

That won’t happen this time!


As long as there are chocolate-covered chihuahuas in the world we will not mess up this incredibly boring post of boringitude!

So, clearly, this post will just be a black hole of boringness, spiraling into the great beyond!



Want to know what else is spooky?

Nose hair!

Especially when it’s in your potatoes!

Now, THAT’S the way to further ruin an alreadysuckish meal from the disgusting cafeteria.

Which we also call the Crappyteria, or Bland Land.

What’s the worst meal that you’ve ever eaten?


-The Losercorns

P.S. We’re not good at keeping things boring, are we?


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