yesterday our nintendog committed suicide… First, he picked up his adorable little sunglasses, yes he did, yes he did, such a suicidal doggy…

Anyhoo, we took hi-CRAP!- we took him for a walk when this nikwad came up and had this pit bull and said WOW! *snort* YOUR NINTENDOG NEEDS CARE! *snort*.

We hacked into the DS and deleted him. But since we hacked, when we tried to feed him the food can said YOU SUCKISH HACKER SHALL PAY THE PRICE FOR DELETING ANNOYING NIKWADS!!!

we saved the game and started playing Mario Kart… But out of nowhere we fell into this puddle of water and saw lakitu… but he didn’t save us… he said SUCKISH HACKERS SHALL GET THEIR DS CRAPPED UP LIKE ACTION REPLAY DOES!!!…

we hacked in and deleted lakitu…

so we were playing Kirby Super Star Ultra when the warp star says YOU SU-

We ate the DS… And gave the remains to the Retarded suckish losercorns for their Chuck Norris altar…

-The Losercorns

P.S. Nikwad is another word for retard. It is NOT a curse word. WE LIKE WAFFLES contrary to popular belief…


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  1. Nintengods rumgsngmhgjth!

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