more on how to become a losercorn.

hi this is the seccond lesson on how to become a losercorn.

lesson #2 BE A SPAZ-O!!!!!!!!! this is so incredibly easy. all you have to do is act like no one is in the room and then search. search deep within yourself to find,….. your inner spaz. after that, let loose. so go ahead, scream into a random persons ear. pressure point youre guy-friend. (you can do that by pinching the skin and blood vessel…. or is it an artery, on their sholder close to their neck.) start a stupid website. (i wonder why that sounds familiar)  AND run around a classroom singing spagetti cat, chimpanzy riding on a segway, cat flushing a toilet, nom nom nom, young girl talking about herself, fuzzy fuzzy cute cute, dramatic chipmunk, it sucks to be me, and still alive. (you can find this stuff on youtube.) and if people call you an idiot, spaz-o, lozer, hobo, of any other insulting name, say

“i know isnt it great?!” and continue with your buisness. A.K.A. being an complete retard. dont forget to check in later for more.

– the losercorns


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