how to be a losercorn. part 3

hi again. this is the third lesson on how to be a losercorn.

next you must develop an imaginary friend that lives under a teacher’s couch. if your teacher doesn’t have a couch, use a desk, chair,or anything alse that might work. then you must give him/her a name. the names Bobbart R. Stupid and Bobbet Isa Retard are already taken so think of something else please. or you will be reported to the police for plagerism. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  (not really) there will be more later. so check in later. wait… are you still reading this? man don’t you have anything else to do? wow. your life must be an empty void of boring…ness. look at the rest of the blog or the wet monkey will sleep in your bed. oh BURN!!! what now.

-the losercorns


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