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June 26, 2009

   HEY YOU HOBO JELLYFISH OUT THERE!!!  Or, you plain human beings…. have you ever really wanted to tell us something that we should do hear on The Losercorns,or have a lot of stupid qoutes? Well now you can, and you should, because you can now email us at amazingraisin@gma

So, DO IT!!!! or we might just send our special hobo friends to your computer to pour fro yo on you!!!! JK!!!! But, really, email us.


One VERY stupid quote!
June 26, 2009

Stupidity! Weirditude! Randomness!

It is all in this AMAZING stupid quote!

So here it is!


“I put the jellyfish in my locker!”


If you just thought, What the???

That’s the responce that we wanted!

If you thought, Sweetness!

That works too.

But if you thought, Wouldn’t the jellyfish perish in an area without liquid?

We are sorry to say this, but you, are,

A NERD!!!!

We are sorry for your disappointment…

-The Losercorns

Ways To Make People Think That You Are INSaNe!!!
June 23, 2009

For Losercorns, being called, weird, crazy, or insane, is a HUGE compliment!

Therefore, to be a true Losercorn, you have to have REASONS for people to think that you’re crazy, right?

Here are some awesome ways to make people think that you are completely out of your mind!!!


 When someone explains something to you, stare at them seriously and ask “What does that have to do with syrup?”

Every time you kill a fly or roach, shout out, “Such is the fate of all who oppose my reign!”

While watching television, suddenly scream, “Get those people out of that box!”

When someone says something you don’t like, look them straight in the eyes and say, “We don’t like that.”

Constantly refer to yourself as if you were another person! ie: “(your name here) wants some chocolate pudding!”

Dance without music…

Every Time Someone Asks You To Do Something, Ask If They Want Fries with That.

Finish All Your Sentences With “In Accordance With The Prophecy.”

As Often As Possible, Skip Rather Than Walk.

In the middle of a conversation, throw up your hands and yell, “STOP! Hammer Time!”

Just start laughing hysterically at nothing. It would help to have a weird or insane laugh.

When walking with your friends on the street, say hi to every stranger who passes by.

Tell people weird stories like, that you dream of going to Africa and becoming an orthodontist for giraffes!

Say random things. Something that has nothing to do with the topic, like, Cake is a Lie. Or, The Chipmunks are plotting to take over the world.

Draw a picture or write something on your forehead, and when you’re  asked about it pretend that nothing is there.

When someone says hi, MEOW AT THEM! (This is a personal favorite)

Write lists like these so people wonder what kind of a sick mind could think these things up. (heh heh heh…)

Sit on a bench with an R/C toy car remote. Pretend to control people walking by. Make loud engine and tire squealing noises.

Tell your friend you are going to do a great magic trick. Give him the three of Diamonds, face up, from the deck. shuffle the deck. guess that your friend has the 96 of Purple. Then guess the S of Mushrooms. Then guess the Prince of Wales. Then ask for his card. Look at it for awhile, then give up and say you didn’t like the trick anyway. (This one is REALLY amusing at parties!)

Try to snorkel in your fish tank. (or even better, in a fish tank at a fancy restaurant.)

Whenever someone suggests that you have done something wrong, say loudy, “YOU CAN’T PROVE ANYTHING!!!!” And run away as fast as you can!

In the middle of a large crowd, jump as high as you can repeatedly. Keep jumping until someone asks what you’re doing. Then say, “I WAS FLYING MOMMY!!!”

When getting money out of an ATM, as the money comes out, jump around excitedly while screaming, “I won! I won!”

At a store, go into the dressing room, and come back out after a minute and tell an employee that it’s out of toilet paper.

If you live with another person, wake them up at four A.M. And with a HUGE grin on your face, say, “Good morning sunshine!” (It really frightens people)

In the middle of the night on a Saturday, dressed like you were going to school or work, wake a person and say, “It’s time to get up and go to school!” (It’s ten times more fun to do this to adults!)

Talk to your self, ALL THE TIME!

Whisper to a complete stranger while pointing at someone else nearby, “I think that he’s a robot!”

Tell your friends that the squirrel in your back yard died and that you are depressed. put eye drop as tears and use tissues to blow your nose. act sad for days

Write notes for school or something upside down. Then, whenever you are reading them or studying, it looks like you’re reading them upside down!

Buy some cereal. Talk to it. When it doesn’t answer, walk off muttering, “The rice crispies were much more talkative.”

Wear crazy,  mis-matched clothes! Preferably with lots of clashing pattens and colors!


There are TONS more ways to make people think that you’re crazy!

Make up your own!

Try it!

Tell us about it if it works!

And, when someone tells you that you are crazy, say “Thank you!” Smile, and walk (Or skip!) away…


Crazy people never worry about what other people think!

And by the way, if you think that this post was stupid and completely pointless, guess what?



-The Losercorns

How to Survive a Zombie Invasion, Part 3 (finally!)
June 22, 2009

Ok, so sue us. We’ve been preoccupied with global conquest and lost track of time. But, as you’ve all been waiting (no doubt with bated breath)…..hereit is!!! How to Survive a Zombie Invasion Part 3. Waiting it out!

Ok, maybe you’ve decided zombie-slaying is not your thing. Maybe the smell gets to you. Maybe there are JUST……TOO……..MANY!!! So what do you do? Do you run screaming down the road, waving your hands about in a mindless way? No. Zombies may be stupid, but this is going to get their attention eventually. Do you shut yourself up in your bedroom and cry? Well, maybe for a little while. However, unless you’re a paranoid conspiracy theorist, survival nut from Idaho, this will only last for a while. You’ll get thirsty. Hungry. Have to pee. So, we need a plan.

When waiting out a zombie invasion, there are a few key things to consider.

1. Zombies do not last forever. Once they run out of food, it’s only a matter of time.  You’ll be free and clear if you can just manage to hole up somewhere long enough.

2. While your ipod and computer may be massively important to you, the zombies couldn’t possibly care less about this. Try to take a hint from them. Think survival, not MySpace!

3. Zombies, while tireless and able to pursue someone indefinitely because they don’t sleep,  cannot climb stairs very well. Find an empty apartment with only one exterior access. Once you’re supplied, get inside, pile a bunch of junk on the stairs, and wait.

4. Just because it’s quiet outside doesn’t mean all the zombies are gone. It may take a while. Be patient. DO NOT make the classic horror movie mistake of not just peeking out, but opening the door and walking out into the middle of the road and yelling “I don’t see any more of them!!”

5. Take the following with you: As much bottled water as you can. Nonperishable food (canned, dried, boxed etc). Antibacterial wipes for personal hygeine (you can’t afford to use that much water). A first aid kit (if you cut yourself, bandage it quickly – if you are the last person in town, testing the zombies’ determination to get at you is not the best choice here). Dynamite. (this last one is optioinal, but is great for deterring zombies from attempting to climb your stairs.)

6. Ideally, the best way to keep yourself safe in your borrowed apartment is to carry in your supplies, hang a rope ladder out the window, then borrow the nearest 4-wheel-drive bubba truck you can find. Hitch it to the exterior stairs of the apartment very securely. Use a chain. Now floor it. Stairs no longer an issue. Climb up your ladder, into the window. Please do not forget to pull the ladder in after you. Do remember that in almost every zombie movie, someone remarks with great confidence that Zombies can’t do (fill in the blank here), whereupon the zombies proceed to do just that. However, nobody has ever heard of one levitating. If your zombies can fly, why are you even reading this guide?

June 22, 2009



Here they are!


“Why is your hairbrush a goat?”

“I licked my phone for nothing!”

“I can’t hear you! The German bunnies are too loud!!!!”


Yay! Stupid!

Which one’s your favorite?


-The Losercorns

I claw my own face!
June 19, 2009


Hmm, I feel like clawing my own face!



I’m gonna do it again!



Must resist clawing my face…




This is hopeless…

-The Losercorns

Even more stupid Quotes!
June 14, 2009

These have all been said by losercorns.

We were not trying to get awesome quotes, they slipped out.

Thank you for supporting us. Somehow.

Maybe we should charge a fee.


1.Giddy-up, magical flying kangaroo!

2.Oh, how I wish I could ride this unicorn.

3.Every ride has a gangster.

4.The lobster’s not magical.

5.Omigosh- He’s bigger than the island!

6.The snake could eat his head.

7.Hey, penguins- why are you still here?

8.Do not kick the stupid dinosaur.

9.The unicorns says no, talk to the peacock, man.

10.We pick the pockets of idiots who can’t afford dentures.

11. The poison ivy plant cures everything!

12.Rub your face on the peacock’s butt!

13.Hey, look! I found the girl!…Dark humor.

14.The thing that says rawr is awesome!

15.100% Moleskin. No mole content whatsoever.

Still reading, eh?

Try to read this!

Reding lie ths i easy whn yu hae choolate o had.

I loe choolate!!!

D yo loe choolate?

I i gd n panakes, bt wthout syup.

June 12, 2009

Mission file GammaGammaGammaGammaGamma. (ΓΓΓΓΓ) (AlottaGamma)

Secuence activate.

After many da- KZAAAAAK!!!!!!!!!!!





This transmission is from ^2.

Hah! I have captured your IMPUDENT “spy” X27.

You may feel that I only exist on this blog.

However, I am a universal phenomenon.

I am poised to take over the universe and will strike at any moment.

Expect your frail networks of circutry to go first…


Anyway, if you humans can show integrity, I might call off the invasion for a few milli-aztec-cycles.


If you survive…

I severly doubt you would compromise your personal ambitions to save the universe.


Ah, well… This is your future…

Heh… I am SOOOOO gonna love this.



I had a very shady past…


^2 out…

June 7, 2009

Mission file Kappa Epsilon Iota. (Κει) (Mission Kei)

Commence sequence>>>>now.

X27. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ABORT!

ABORT ABORT ABORT ABORT ABORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



All contact with X27 is lost…

More Stupid Quotes!!!
June 7, 2009

Most of these Losercorns didn’t say.

So, yeah.

Shoop da whoop!


“I want my mustache and all I want is my mustache!”

“I zap you with a magic shovel!”

“Oh No! Jet!”

“The door can see into your soul!”

“The blehblehbleh is right behind you!”

“It’s a star goat obviously.”

“Help me mayonaise!”

“Someone is following on Twizler!!!”


Stupid stuff there… stupid stuff…

-The Losercorns