This is a top secret duplicate of a mission file, class OmegaTheta10. (ΩΘ¹º)

Anyone without proper security clearance will be killed apprehended.

Mission secuence begin.

X27. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to capture ^2. (^2 is the disclosed name. The true moniker has not been released as of update 34.)

^2 is a superweapon created on a remote island within the Bermuda Triangle. Only a few humans know of the island chain and its inhabitants.

The laboratory in which it was created has been destroyed. All that remains is a red scarf, some pieces of hyper-advanced technology, and traces of unknown radiation. The radiation is not of the nuclear type, and is harmless to living beings.

Many people near the area have lost IQ points after ^2’s creation (average of  from 96 to 67, lowest from 89 to 32). Most residents have also claimed to see pink flying rainnbow kitties. Here is a “real” photograph (Definitely edited)

You need to retreive it NOW!!! (Not the cat, ^2!)


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