Even more stupid Quotes!

These have all been said by losercorns.

We were not trying to get awesome quotes, they slipped out.

Thank you for supporting us. Somehow.

Maybe we should charge a fee.


1.Giddy-up, magical flying kangaroo!

2.Oh, how I wish I could ride this unicorn.

3.Every ride has a gangster.

4.The lobster’s not magical.

5.Omigosh- He’s bigger than the island!

6.The snake could eat his head.

7.Hey, penguins- why are you still here?

8.Do not kick the stupid dinosaur.

9.The unicorns says no, talk to the peacock, man.

10.We pick the pockets of idiots who can’t afford dentures.

11. The poison ivy plant cures everything!

12.Rub your face on the peacock’s butt!

13.Hey, look! I found the girl!…Dark humor.

14.The thing that says rawr is awesome!

15.100% Moleskin. No mole content whatsoever.

Still reading, eh?

Try to read this!

Reding lie ths i easy whn yu hae choolate o had.

I loe choolate!!!

D yo loe choolate?

I i gd n panakes, bt wthout syup.


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