Sorry we haven’t posted in a while, there just hasn’t been anything going on.


We Losercorns would like to be the first to inform you of a new threat to mankind…

The Yonneps.

Yonneps are invisible creatures that try to make you fall!

You know, when you’re just walking along and you randomly lose your balence, IT WAS A YONNEP!!!!

They enjoy making humans (and Losercorns) look like uncoordinated klutzes!


However, there is one way to prevent Yonneps from making you fall on your face…

All you must do is sprinkle cinnamon on your feet.

We reccomend doing this anytime you don’t want to appear to trip over flat surfaces.

We hope that this valueable information helps you keep those pesky Yonneps at bay.

-The Losercorns


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