Losercorns <3 Fred!!!!!!

Ok, we know we are uber late on this, but we seriously love Fred Figglehorn. Since he is so awesomely random, hilarious, and groovy, he is going to be a new HONORARY LOSERCORN!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, we think Fred is the coolest. We’ve watched all his vids a BAJILLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOON times. Our fave 3 our:

1. Fred Loses His Meds! <its a fred classic!>

2. Fred Goes Swimming <ROFL>

3. Fred on Valentines Day <p.s. ur thighs jiggle violently went you jog in PE!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv, Judy>

Well, anyways, Luv U Fred!

                            _The Losercorns_


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