We wonder….

how did blogs get the name blogs?


3 Responses

  1. I know how! It got the name from the word blob. This is because a blog is nothing more than blobs of text on a page. Blog turned into the common word blog.

    Check out my Blob/Blog

    • Hey JTG! I am Losercorn Chen, newly appointed human relations officer! In response to your fresh, tasty, 2 hour old comment, I say Hi. Did you know that the losercorns have twitter and soon will have youtube!!!???

      YAY! This is an important message, too. Losercorns are nice peoples. This means if you post a comment, it WILL be approved unless profane, unwholesome, or otherwise against our policy. Also, we will instantly delete any comments that we think enanger you and/or others. These include passwords, Animal Crossing codes, Emails of freinds, telly numbers, and other PII.(Personal Identifiable Information) We will translate foreign language text unless you ask us not to. If you EVER do any level III conduct, you will never be able to post comments on the losercorns blog EVER!!! Level III includes stuff that is to indecent and bad to type. Ok? Good! If you have any qusetions, start a comment with a question like this.
      Losercorn Chen wilcox? I will then either reply or actually be wilcox.
      TNX JTG! Pass on the news And tell everyone you know about the site!!! Oops! Poingnaz set they fridge on fire again! No!!!!! Bad losercorn!!! ACK!!!

    • yo- we have checked out your blog. we’d advise you to be more random to get more viewers. and dont trash other blogs. it says your top post is Still Mad About That Brown M and M…. kudos 4 having a title like that.

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