Hello Hello this is important newses not really but hey.

The most viewed viral video (If its on YouTube or something like that and you see it a LOT) in the known planet earth is called lightsaber kid I THINK! This is just counting the original there are probably tons of edits of it to make it look cool and i have seen the best one it is amazing. The point is it is a kid with a broom in a room and he stands there for a moment and then he moves it around WITH NO EDITS WHATSOEVER! It is amazing if you see it and some versions make Bzzzshwowr noises. But watch the original first. Second place in the most viewed list is NumaNuma song with the original guy althogh one of the best NumaNumas is with a Stormtrooper!

There is another video that RULZ!

These people made a working X-wing complete with r2 droid. They launched it and it flew but after 15 seconds or so the S-foils crumbled because the ship was angled slightly to far. Well, this one guy edited it so that as it flys a TIE fighter swoops down and shoots at the X-wing and then the X-wing blowses up IT IS AMAZING!

Lastly we saw it on but it may be elsewhere, but we saw NYS aka new york newyork and it had a death star hovering overhead and the title was “I have a bad feeling about this” Also i saw a pic of a strmtrooper on a Japanese subway sitting sadly and it says this

It sucks when your job gets blow’d up




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