There is apparently a new product on the market in Losercorn World called, “Magic Beans.”

You eat them, they give you magical powers, everything is all hunky dory, right?


Seeing as Losercorns are intelligent people, we have read the side-effects on a container of Magic Beans.

Here is what we found:

“Side-Effects Include, But Are Not Limited To: hair loss, dizziness, nausea, liver damage, heart failure, blindness, hearing loss, nose bleeds, back pain, wheezing, spontaneous levitation, insufferable boredom, loss of taste, and sudden death.”

And we ask you, is it worth the risk of sudden death for the possibility of magical powers?

What are your opinions on this scam?


-The Losercorns


2 Responses

  1. hey! losercornians, i am sooo in love with this blog!!!!!!!! its the awesomest thing since google. check outz my blog,

  2. I think that it is soooo worth it! personally I love any thing magical and think that my life is soooo worth it. I’d rather die magical than non-magical… … … SO THERE!!!!

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