On the road again

Me is parked on the interstate know so I be really bored. On the road again I can’t wait to get on the road again. Wait!!! I am already on it! How could I have missed this!! No!! Oh well I shall get over it. In the meantime I am still parked on the interstate. Let’s go up to a random person and ask them why they don’t have a cork necklace and if they believe in nargles and…. Blahh!!!

Sorry I had a brain explosion… What where we talking about? Hey a kitty! Where am I? Why are you reading my thoughts? Do you have phsyco powers? Can you read minds? OMG! Can I have your autograph? Blahhh!!!

Meow! Hey!… Umm ellohay ywhay may Iay eakspay niay igpay atinlay. ELPHAY!!  ahhblay!!



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