We losercorns are zaphicicalationalized.

It means that we can do magic tricks amazingly wellishlyful!


Think of a number.


Now, do these steps. (IN ORDER!)

1) Say, “COWZOONI!”

2) Add nine to your number

3) Attempt to lick the moon three times.

4) Subtract three from the number you now have.

5) Grin maniacly at someone who loathes/ignores you.

6) Multiply your number by three.

7) Smell your hair.

8) Add 6(23.7(-13+10))-4

9) Hum an annoying song from your favorite musical.

10) Divide by the original number.

Our sources indicate that your original number was not 72.

If it was not, you did something wrong. Did you forget to smell your hair?

-The Losercorns

P.S. Contest soon! More details to come!


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