And if you thought THAT was scary…

Everyone is always raving about how awesomesauce dinosaurs are and how generally scary and coolio they are…


Dinosaurs are really overly hyped in a lot of ways compared to some nasty critters. Water critters. Deadly water critters.

Some of these could have felled a T-Rex. Guess why most land dinos didnt live by the ocean? Water critters. These creatures were probably even worse than the “sea mosters” that old sailors talked about.  One very awesome example is the Deinosuchus (I spelled it erroneously) It is pronounced Die-no-SU-cus. It lived in North America near Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and other nearby states. A Dinosuchus could eat 2 humans whole at once. EEPERS!

More super sea critters comin soon.


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