lately we have been getting a lot of requests, and so, we will NOW have somethings amazing for you every week.

1. Losercornopian of the week!

2. Request of the week!

3. AND>>>>>>>> RANDOM PICTURE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

WE’ll have more on this later.

P.S. Can you solve this and find the hidden message?

11*I)))((((nmmidtunsodn;DngonONehbfjsnfoe %6$%^&*^%L$%^$  !   ehbankl;KEu6y348u1q%^&*D(*&^%$#@#$&*bnvRnioeanrnun3wonoAfdstGONueqkhhfhZZZZugnun


2 Responses

  1. no. TELL me tell me tell me tell me tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. isnt that kinda like tha dumb kittehs website? just saying i look on there alot and you guys seem to keep using their ideas….

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