New Courses!

We Losercorns have an exciting announcement to make!

The losercorns have pioneered (Made up) the development of Losercornian interaction, carefully studying reliable sources (You) to carefully determine (With a dance-off) how to better improve social connections that are available around the world (Maybe 200 readers or less, we’re really not sure actually).

With this, we losercorns are proud to present project LoserClass!

This project, also know as LC, is a place for faithful (anybody) readers to get a chance to take special courses that you hopefully won’t find anywhere else (plagairism is directly tied to the sudden exctinction of taoist habanero peppers).

Anyway if the parenthetical statement generator (don’t ask) stops overdoing the parentheses (they look like this in Neo-Tibetian Llamaville=KL). Hmm… the generator IS broken… hmmm… (IHKASZBGR) (grieRUT) (COWPLIE).



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