Dear Readers and Reeders

Recently there has been talk of the Losercorns emulating the something kitty thingy (our memory files are VERY patchy), especially in the okokok post. We aren’t sure what this has to do with the kitty thingy but we will attempt to look into it. If it is a case of puposeful and knowing plagiarism, then we will definitely add a footnote to the post or something to forgive for misdemeanor. Remember: plagiarism is the leading cause of the growing threat of the end of Taoist Habanero peppers.

This brings us to another interesting topic (Other than REAL baby glow-in-the-dark capuchin monkeys {YES THEY ARE REALLY REALLY REAL!!!}).

This topic is the interesting new plan to use Taoist Habanero peppers for the reeds in musical instruments that require reeds to play them. Let us all say that the use of any endangered species for pretty music is pretty darn non-eco-freindly. We losercorns have made a list of alternative solutions for this glowing problem (When Taoist Habanero peppers get spit infused with bologna on them, they glow in an iridescent gold). We hope that you read it and pass it on to your friend/s. (Note: Us Losercorns do not yet have access to the imaginary internet, so telling your imaginary friend/s is great!)


1. Use a regular reed!!!

2.Don’t use any reed!!!

3.Play the trombone instead!!!

4. Use reeds made from green quiche from the village of Yoonohoo. This quiche is attacking the native Taoist Habanero peppers!

5. Buy the reed factory “Elddir Olovram Mot” and sell it as a chicken farm online for 12 dollars.

6.Tell 10 people who you do not know well that their reed BETTER BOT BE MADE OF TAOIST HABANERO PEPPERS OR ELSE THE FLAPJACK DIES!

That’s it… YOP!


One Response

  1. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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