Occlumency I

Hey Everybody! We Losercorns are Really Really Really excited, because this is the FIRST LoserClass EVER! OK! Just So you know, the basic formatting is going to be on this post and the LoserClass page.  Also, you will take an Aptitude Test at the beginning of every course (ONLY THE FIRST LESSONS THOUGH!!!)

OK! any thing in brackets like this {} are actually obsolete now but we kept it so that you can see the mistakes , that you might have memorized, brackets like this [] are revisions that have been put in since the first post.



Hello class. This could be a very important day or a really pointless one. We are learning about Occlumency, but before we do you need to take this Test to make sure that you are ready for your Occlumency class.


1.Do you own or have the ability to posess a Pensieve?

2.Do you often forget things and/or get sudden flashes of unknown thoughts?

3.Do you suddenly see people die who actually are dead?

4.Do you suddenly see people die who are not actually dead?

5.Do you often feel posessed and/or wanting to bite someone?

6.Do you dream often?

7.Do you often wish that strange weird dreams would stop coming to you?

8.Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and felt posessed.

9.Are you sometimes feeling random emotions for no good reason?

10.Have you ever had a fortune teller run away from you?



Now, If you answered NO to more than 2 questions, then you do not need to take Occlumency and trying to take Occlumency may give you a big headache.


Those who are left, let us continue!

Occlumency is a way to prevent someone from using Legilimency on you, Legilimency being the skill of reading and altering people’s minds.


To use Occlumency You must Drain your mind of all emotion. I suggest doing this before you go into states where you may have Legilimency used upon you.

That will be all today!

You homework is to practice what you have learned.

Tomorrow, take Occlumency II!

At least whan it comes out… :*


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