We like to flail and publicly embarras ourselves!!! (but were not really embarrassed cuz we dont care what people think/say about us!!!))

At some random sock hop we decided that we wanted to do the Evanna Lynch (we found a video of her flailing on YouTube) (gotta love YouTube) and so we were all flailing and some idiot got a video of us flailing and he thought that that would embarrus us (BUT HE WAS WRONG!!! HORRIBLY WRONG!!! *** cackles maniaclly ***) and he claimed that he would put it on facebook, though we highly doubt that he will, becouse the person we are talking about is DRACO FREAKIN’ MALFOY (and u know Malfoy’s never keep their promises)

Him shooting a vidoe of us is what led us to come up with an AWESOME!!! idea…

A video game called “THE FINAL FLAIL” and it would be a wii game (if anyone out there reading this works for Nintendo, let us know,) and the basic idea of it woulld be that u went around to parties and dances and stuff and started flailing and then you would get points for collecting wierd stares from people and from people laughing at u, but the ways to get the most points would be:\

A. Getting someone (that u didnt know) to join u and start flailing too,

B. To get someone to take a pic of u flailing

and the wat to get the very most points is for someone to get a video of u flailing and them publicly embarrass THEMselves by not shutting up about the video and how embarrassing it is…

Like our idea???

Please comment…

Dont like our idea???

comment anyways!!!

Because as we say…




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  1. i heart u guys sooo much!

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