Occlumency II



Hello, class. Today We are going to learn how to boost the power of your occlumency. If you feel happy then you may be still able to use occlumency, it may even amplify your skills immensly. Negative emotions will weaken your skills. This could be a big problem.

OK! Occlumency is best partnered with a good spell used once you sort of have a focus around yourself. Most beginners would use Protego, but Protego does not protect you very well against Legilimency. Actually, It would be better to try the simples spell you know. Even if it is just a wart removing spell, it can easily confuse your foe and let you use a more advanced spell such as Levicorpus. If you are REALLY REALLY skilled at Occlumency, you might be able to BOUNCE BACK your opponent’s mindskill attempts and make them go wacko with DOUBLE intensity.

Now, Occlumency is not really a “textbook” course. You can only get better with practice. You may want to find a NICE NON-EVIL Legilimens and ask him to attempt to probe your mind so that you can practice your Occlumency and better learn about the technique.

By the way, there ary many ways to catch a legilimens off guard. For example, you could Use the Sonorus spell on yourself and then screech violently…

OK! Pack up!


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