Care of Unique Magical Creatures I


This is Lorkin and Lysander here today to speak about how to care for some VERY special magical creatures that are SUPER cool.

You may sadly not believe in many of these creatures, most people don’t until they meet one themselves.


This is the first class, so before we do anything, make sure you know the requirements. Ok, all you really need to use the elements in this class is a bit of good wizard schooling, but really, to use these skills well you need a bit of talent, too.


Today we are going to learn how to care for and breed Heliopaths. Yes, Heliopaths.

For those not acquainted with heliopaths, they are flame creatures a bit like large fire stallions, and they can cause forest fires and general havoc, especially for those who do not understand their nature. Heliopaths are actually very docile and sweet, but the young are very emotional and only mature at a rate of one human maturity year for every thousand years. Heoloipaths don’t die even when directly wet. The heliopaths simply lose their flame for a year. They can take on any horselike form while they are in this state, however, if kept in human custody for more than a year in this state, they get stuck and eventually die of flame loss. 

Have you ever seen a firefighter being actually PUSHED BACK by a forest fire when he sprays water at it? The reason for this is that heliopaths are very wary and worry that they could be captured in the non-flame state by someone who doesn’t recognise heliopaths, then they could die.

Now, heliopaths will eat anything, but it is best to give them a mix of cedar wood and maybe the occasional carrot, apple, or peppermint. If you want to give a heliopath something to chew on for a bit, try giving it something “heatproof”. Heliopaths like that a lot.

For, exercise, take your heliopath to an area that contains forestland that needs a bit of growth. If it needs excersise, it will run off and give the forest a refreshing flame. Just so you know, there has been a rise in the number of heliopaths that have not had enough exercise and have run into cities and fried them. One of the best examples was when Rome burned. Emperor Nero had sent his heliopath into the city, thinking that it was a big forest.That explains why it was claimed that he was fooling around while Rome burned. He thought that it was just some routine exercise.

Now, the heliopath has only been sighted a few times by photographers. This picture was actually taken by Lorkin here, but at the bottom you can clearly see what looks like some sort of running creature. 
                       UP THERE

As you can see, the heliopath is running about in a cloud of flame.

Heliopaths can increase in size depending on how much flame he fas put out recently.

This one is a decent size.

Well, then!

That’s about it!

Oh, also, if you get a bit of Heliopath flame and put it in a jar, it will turn into either a phoenix or a salamander, and if you officially own the phoenix or salamander for a day or more, then it will not turn back into flame, but you will have a living creature with more magiacal properties!

Class Dismissed!


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