Care of Unique Magical Creatures II

Hey there, this is Lorkin and Lysander once again bringing you the best care for the best magical creatures. Last time we covered Heliopaths and their magical needs and such, so if you want to take that class, feel free!

Really, you don’t have to take these classes in order. You can just take whichever ones apply to you. If you live in the bottom of a pond, for example, you may not care whether or not a heliopath will eat spaghetti (they will).

Today’s class is actually a continuation of CUMC I.

(Care of Unique Magical Creatures I)

We are going to learn how to breed Heliopaths!


Now, Heliopaths are devilishly tricky to breed, mainly because unless you have a certain permit it is illegal. Now, a heliopath is a dragon’s egg that has been hatched by a rubber duck. We know it’s weird, but this is the only way to breed heliopaths. You can also get a certain breed of heliopath that is VERY VERY RARE. To do this you have to set a horselike animal on fire using phoenix flame that came from a phoenix that came from a heliopath’s flame. Confusing, right? This breed of heliopath likes to eat only mandrake leaves and roots, so make sure you have some decent gardening skills.

You can vaguely determine the character and color of the heliopath by examining the egg’s size and the duck’s coloration.

There is an extensive guide here, covoring most common variations.


Yellow/whitish red
Blue/sort of charcoaly
Green/Dunn (Look the weird colors up in a horse reference)
Pink/Pale palomino
Black/like pitch or midnight
White/Almost yellow like a laborador
Any other solid color/Usually pure white
2 tone/use the colors above, one 4 mane and 1 4 body
tricolor/Appaloosa no matter what. (the three colors will be the duck colors)
four or more/white but changes every moon
humanlike pattern/Ranges from pale white to dark brown
Animal like pattern/hippogriff heliolpath
Camo colors/invisible heliopath
Duck has long tail/Heliopath will be like a fish horse


These are most of the colors.

More on the eggs next time!!!


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