Tree octopuses (or octopi, it doesn’t matter. You can call them fluxlons if you really want to!) are, as the name leads you to believe, octopuses that live in trees. A couple of their natural predators include bald eagles and sasquatches.  Tree octopuses are unfortunatly EXTREMELY endangered!!!!! The govenment doesn’t acknowledge this for some reason. (way to go government… =P)

We Losercorns would like you to encourage you to visit this website: to learn more about these interesting creatures! And to help, you can take part in the Trick Or Treat For Tree Octopus program! Print off your own ToTFTO box and this Saturday (Halloween! Yay! Losercorns happy!) trick or treat as you normally would, however, say “Trick or Treat For Tree Octopus!” Note that the ever-astounding mollusk’s favorite treats are candy corn and shrimp! When you collect enough stuff to make a tree octopus happy, go to the nearest forest and hang the box on a fir tree and later on, a tree octopus will eat everything that is in the box! Don’t you dare give it metal because that makes them brake out in a horrible rash and turn purple. And no one wants that to happen!

-The Losercorns


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