Care of Unique Magical Creatures III


This is once again Lorkin and Lysander bringing you the best of the best magical unique care creatures of!

Seriously, though (heehee).

Today is the day before Halloween, so it is important to cover an appropriate topic. We are going to learn about the terribly ravenous Tac, which is similar to the neighborly Tac living next door and a couple blocks down. Next lesson we will be learning about a similar subject that we can not explain about until you learn about the Ravenous Tac.


Some creatures may have different visible forms. The Thestral is invisible to most people. The Thestral can look like a column of flame when it gets really excited. In fact, lots of buildings look like absolutely nothing when viewed by a Muggle.

There are also creatures that can change theirselves physically and in appearance. However, their base minds and instincts can remain the same.

The Tac is one of these creatures. The Tac usually looks like this:

Yes, it looks like a cat. This one is rather bemused at the fact that it is getting its picture taken by a real wizard, yet the wizard still wishes for the Tac to remain in cat form.

When a tac wants to, it looks like this:

See full size image

Or sometimes just like this:

Anyway, every Tac has to follow the Law of the Tac. If they do not follow this rule, then they lose all of their magical cat and magical human powers and become a muggle with no memories of ever being a Tac.

Yes, Tacs are always wizards in human form. This is the difference between them and cats who have a transfiguring flippy sort of spell on them. That type of cat also becomes very dull and thick for no reason.

Tacs are very clever and there has only been a few Tacs that have ever been turned into muggles.

The Law of the Tacs states a few rules:

1. A Tac cannot purposely be seen morphing by a nont (non Tac)

2.A Tac cannot tell any nont about its real identity.

3.A Tac cannot tell a nont any secrets known only to one species (cats, tacs, humans)

4.If a Tac is captured by an agent of evil it has every right to claw their face.


That is the simplified version that we managed to scratch together. ….

The most unique thing about tacs is that while in human form, they can layer on some cat (whiskers, fur, eyes, nose, teeth, claws, etc) at any time they want. If they were in the north pole and needed a human body to be available costantly (Full morph takes about 30 seconds or so), and it was dark at night and REALLY cold and you were stuck in a crack of solid ice, you could get a cat collarbones to squeeze through the ice, eyes for the dark, fur, etc.


That’ll be the end of part 1 of the study of Tacs, tune in soon for part 2, and then the mystery section!!!


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