Didn’t feel like getting up, can’t get to school on time, you’re late. It sucks. Sound familiar?

How do you explain why you’re late?

The Losercorns are here to help you out of these annoying situations!

Here are some things to tell your teacher to explain why you are late!

“I was abducted by aliens for experimental purposes. I have been gone for fifty years, but fortunately in earth time it was only (insert how late you were here.)”

“I was helping Little Bo Peep find her sheep!”

“My parents lost the keys to my cage.”

“I’m not late- everyone else is early!”

“I’m afraid I cannot tell you why I am late. The government has sworn me to secrecy.”

These excuses will work 1 out of 782 times! Those are pretty good odds! =D

What excuses do you have?

 -The Losercorns


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