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New New News!
November 27, 2009

Hello Losercorns! Today and possibly a few weeks ago we have/had an important announcement to give! We are now running a little thingy called Blog Subscription. If you don’t know what that is, flip through a magazine until you find the little subscription card (bigger than a notecard, made of the same type of paper as a notecard, flexible). The difference between the two is that you don’t have to pay for your subscriptions! JOY! Basically, you get updates when a new page or post comes up! Squeetle! Lots of exclaimatory remarks, along with multiple unique interjections! YAYNESS!!!

In order to get this special special subscription…

All you have to do is enter your wordpress username if you have one, or put in your email addresse. There is a little box on the blog that should say something like “Subscribe here!”  or something like that. Something something something. Ok!

WordPress does not share your email, the reason they need it is so that they can send the email to that person. Unless you want your Losercorn updates to end up in Brisbane, it could be a good idea to put in your REAL email addresse in. Take note that if you have a WordPress account, your notes may appear on wordpress or they may come up in your email. If they are email-based, it may be a good idea to check that your wordpress email account so that Riley doesn’t toss his smartphone on the barbie after the millionth reminder.

Thanks, mate!


November 26, 2009

Lickilicky is one of the most fun things to say!

Lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick lick



Today we have a bad feeling that the blog is sort of doing not very well, exactlyish.

Views are down, comments are down, spam comments are up, posts are down EV’s are about the same (One is definitely more than enough, though), lemons are fleeing from Oceania, and taoist habanero peppers are on the verge of total exctinction. NOT GOOD! Our full post VALUE, in terms of what we say and how useful and meaty it is, is down, too. Our overall reader “loyalty” is down too. ACK!

oh, wait… never mind…



Moop mop mip (and how you can help!!!)
November 25, 2009



The phrase Lemons is pretty much LEMONS!!!

Mlog Mlop Mloss


yes that is halfway a real word!

kind of…

a few other nonlosercorns have heard of it. actually a lotish!


me has hates grammars


I guess we are covering random losercorn exclamations.

We usually say all of these on a daily basisisisis!

Not again!


Dr. Octagonapus BLAH!






mmm bill!

wait, he married MRS WEASLEY???!!!






*whooshy screechy*


***Harry Pottttter***


Heh heh heh!




oh oh oh oh no no no no (long thtory dont intherperet as ith)


look look loooooooooooook!

listen listen listeeeeeeeen!




I guess that’s all we can think of at the moment. you dont have to use all of them, you dont have to use ANY, but its still really rather spiffy if you try most of them. I seriously reccomend not using a certain few near other people (bitebitebite and the whooshy screeech and the mwahaha and bwahaha especially, because it is COMPLETELY out of context for most carbon life forms (this is actually a joke!) 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999%

of the time!


Clue section!!!

#1– think EVIL!!! Very very bad as in you-see-it-and-your-about-to-die EVIL! If you like evil you still wont like it though and actually your in trouble no matter what!!!

… that was a long clue!

P.s. the title really is out of place, isn’t it?! 🙂


What IS a Losercorn?!
November 24, 2009







that was sudden!


Today we are going to go cover the very roots of Losercornishness itself!

We will dig deep!


Crack and split the earth of thought until we hit the very heart of the Losercorns tree…

Hopefully it’s not a cactus of some sort because their roots are really deep and hard to get to without killing the cactus.


“Losercorn” is a name derived by a few mistakes, a lot of hard work, a certain marionette, dancing, singing, talking, jazz hands, stalker faries, magic everywhere, a flash of inspiration, the core of original Losercorns, a bit (A LOT) of goofing off, and the all important random spazz moment.

That’s a lot!!!

Gasp asp sp p

Gasp asp sp p

Lemons emons mons ons ns s

Pie ie e

Octopi ctopi topi opi pi i

Ok then!

Moment of Spazz!

Anyhoo, a losercorn is someone who is just…. awesome.

Random spazz moments, etc etc etc…

A lot of peoples fit these criteria, but there are a few more needed for the Next level of Losercornishness required to make you an official Losercorn includes…

Often a nobody, may cluster on groups of nobodies…

Likes to spazz

often obsessive about many things

lacking caring that much about what mean people say to you.

etc etc etc etc etc

etc etc



Also, sometimes it is necescary to give people annoying cryptic deep notes that have EXTREMELY hidden meanings that are only known by loyal readers that have read all of the posts that have these notes. Realize that not all notes are conjoined, so this note will be #1 and subsequent sequences will be 2, 3, etc in that order.

#1— 4A2

Yes, 4A2 is the clue!

You know you can not figure anything else out until the other clues come out but you may be able to look it up and figure out a few hints to solve the overall puzzle.

Until next time, moopidymoop!

Charlie da Unicorn
November 5, 2009

OK! this is charlie the unicorn and he is here to tell you his depressing story!

Wow is he a good dancer!

Wait, this is not Charlie at all…

It’s his brother Calliato!

No wonder he can dance so well!!!

Anyway, everything he says will be in quotes…

“Well, my brother was just hanging around…”

“When, all of a sudden, he was mobbed by his two crazy Unicorn friends!”

“They said something about Candy Mountain and dragged him along the forest.”

“Then they stopped when they saw a Liopleurodon.”

“He was NOT a happy camper…”

“But the unicorns kept walking anyway, until they got to this big bridge….”

“And then they walked across…”

“Until they reached this Mountain. Charlie was very reluctant to continue…”

“And then these letters came out and started to sing…”

“Charlie walked inside the cave…”

“The door slowly shut…”


All of these images are COPYRIGHTED by Neopets INC and are free for noncommercial use COPYRIGHT 2000-2009 neopets!!!

You can use these pictures but they are NOT ours, we did not create them, and we use them with limited permission!

If you like these pics and wanna get more, go to the link below and tool around! You can search images and get them! Also you should sign up (for free) because you get access to all of the pictures!!!

This is the link!

Also we honestly are NOT advertising neopets to give us cash from them!

We think it is a cool site that is really Losercorny (JURPLES)!

Here is the link below!!!

I Hpoe Taht You Can Raed Tihs!!!
November 4, 2009

Yo!!! Today’s message is encrypted so that only people that are reading it can read t!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The banner that is probably starting to annoy you now is part of a program we losercorns are undertaking.

We are expanding our Losercornishness to a really big website with lots of users…

And we are creating a guild on the site!!!!!!!!

The only problem is that you have to sign up (for free) in order to use the guild, and the only way we can keep track of members is to have them sign up using only the banners shown on this blog or on the possibly maybe upcoming losercorn webpage.

Anyhoo, It would help if you signed up now, and activated your account now.

We may end up having to mess with the guild and if you aren’t signed in by then you might not be able to come into the guild.


We forgot the code!

taht rlelay sknits!



News (we swear it really is important at first)
November 4, 2009




Recently something happened to the pages list so that you can only see one or 2  pages on that little banner thingy under candy mountain.

This is a big message that you need to remember…


If you carefully hover your mouse under the banner, you will see LoserClass and a few other pages. We are trying to figure out how to make these pages show u right somehow, but we are not sure yet…

Anyhoo, they just sort of pop into exsistence when you don’t expect it at all….

Maybe we should call them the phantom pages…

Hence the stylish banner on top of this page…

Click it if you dare, but first read the corresponding Neopets page……..


Maximum Ride Video!!!
November 3, 2009

Guezz What?

We found a new video!!!

It Has a bunch of idiotic retards being awesome and doing an almost-parody of Maximum Ride???

Ain’t that makin’ u so happifull?!?!

Anyway, chek it owt!!!

We ain’t tellin u who they iz!!!

If u don’t no abowt Maximum Ride, then hear iz a breef sumurry of it…

6 kids get turned into these mutand bird kidz and they fly around beating up Erasers, (Half wolf thingz) and being awesome…

Does that give u a modyrait idea???

Read the BOOKZ!!!

(they’re by JAMES PATTERSON)

we be hatin’ gramur n’ spellin todae…

-the losercorns