I Hpoe Taht You Can Raed Tihs!!!

Yo!!! Today’s message is encrypted so that only people that are reading it can read t!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The banner that is probably starting to annoy you now is part of a program we losercorns are undertaking.

We are expanding our Losercornishness to a really big website with lots of users…

And we are creating a guild on the site!!!!!!!!

The only problem is that you have to sign up (for free) in order to use the guild, and the only way we can keep track of members is to have them sign up using only the banners shown on this blog or on the possibly maybe upcoming losercorn webpage.

Anyhoo, It would help if you signed up now, and activated your account now.

We may end up having to mess with the guild and if you aren’t signed in by then you might not be able to come into the guild.


We forgot the code!

taht rlelay sknits!




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