Charlie da Unicorn

OK! this is charlie the unicorn and he is here to tell you his depressing story!

Wow is he a good dancer!

Wait, this is not Charlie at all…

It’s his brother Calliato!

No wonder he can dance so well!!!

Anyway, everything he says will be in quotes…

“Well, my brother was just hanging around…”

“When, all of a sudden, he was mobbed by his two crazy Unicorn friends!”

“They said something about Candy Mountain and dragged him along the forest.”

“Then they stopped when they saw a Liopleurodon.”

“He was NOT a happy camper…”

“But the unicorns kept walking anyway, until they got to this big bridge….”

“And then they walked across…”

“Until they reached this Mountain. Charlie was very reluctant to continue…”

“And then these letters came out and started to sing…”

“Charlie walked inside the cave…”

“The door slowly shut…”


All of these images are COPYRIGHTED by Neopets INC and are free for noncommercial use COPYRIGHT 2000-2009 neopets!!!

You can use these pictures but they are NOT ours, we did not create them, and we use them with limited permission!

If you like these pics and wanna get more, go to the link below and tool around! You can search images and get them! Also you should sign up (for free) because you get access to all of the pictures!!!

This is the link!

Also we honestly are NOT advertising neopets to give us cash from them!

We think it is a cool site that is really Losercorny (JURPLES)!

Here is the link below!!!


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