What IS a Losercorn?!







that was sudden!


Today we are going to go cover the very roots of Losercornishness itself!

We will dig deep!


Crack and split the earth of thought until we hit the very heart of the Losercorns tree…

Hopefully it’s not a cactus of some sort because their roots are really deep and hard to get to without killing the cactus.


“Losercorn” is a name derived by a few mistakes, a lot of hard work, a certain marionette, dancing, singing, talking, jazz hands, stalker faries, magic everywhere, a flash of inspiration, the core of original Losercorns, a bit (A LOT) of goofing off, and the all important random spazz moment.

That’s a lot!!!

Gasp asp sp p

Gasp asp sp p

Lemons emons mons ons ns s

Pie ie e

Octopi ctopi topi opi pi i

Ok then!

Moment of Spazz!

Anyhoo, a losercorn is someone who is just…. awesome.

Random spazz moments, etc etc etc…

A lot of peoples fit these criteria, but there are a few more needed for the Next level of Losercornishness required to make you an official Losercorn includes…

Often a nobody, may cluster on groups of nobodies…

Likes to spazz

often obsessive about many things

lacking caring that much about what mean people say to you.

etc etc etc etc etc

etc etc



Also, sometimes it is necescary to give people annoying cryptic deep notes that have EXTREMELY hidden meanings that are only known by loyal readers that have read all of the posts that have these notes. Realize that not all notes are conjoined, so this note will be #1 and subsequent sequences will be 2, 3, etc in that order.

#1— 4A2

Yes, 4A2 is the clue!

You know you can not figure anything else out until the other clues come out but you may be able to look it up and figure out a few hints to solve the overall puzzle.

Until next time, moopidymoop!


One Response

  1. Lovely. Can’t yon just tell us what itmeans? BLArG!!!! Er sorry… Momentary spaz…. So yeah… I’m dome now… RAWR!!!

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