Amazing Invisible Internet Bunnies!!!

Today’s lesson in no particular class is the Invisible Internet Bunnies (also calledIIB but no one can figure out the correct way to pronounce it so for the moment they are Invisible Internet Bunnies.

Now, you may be asking, “what are Invisible Internet Bunnies?” if not, you suck. Stop reading this, dig a hole in the ground and stay there until the cabbage patch kid horcrux is ultimately destroyed, AND GO JUMP OFF A CLIFF!!!

sorry, we got off track… that was embarrasing…

anyway… Invisible Internet Bunnies are invisibble (duh), semi-existent creatures that dwell in computers but occasionally venture away from computers to travel the world… they are impossible to see, but a specialized group of happy happy hippogriffs have trained a sense that senses Invisible Internet Bunnies. (the group is called the HHHIIBS. once again, no one can pronounce it…) many Losercorns are members of then HHHIIBS. we meet every blue moon in the middle of the )(@*$&@ ($*@)@$ sorry, this message has been changed due to one of the newer members of the HHHIIBS almost giving away our secret hideout…

Back to Invisible Internet Bunnies: Their main purpose in life is to randomize internet blogs. If it is not obvious, the Losercorn Blog is in high abundance of Amazing Internet Bunnies…

There is only one way to catch an IIB. THey love flash drives, so hold an open flash drive in the palm of your hand, and it will start to buzz when an IIB enters is. then plug the Flash drive into your computer with your blog page up, and they will go in your blog, randomize it and then leave. you should do this every 2-4 weeks or your blog will become mucho boring like a said few other blogs… (said blog = jeremiahthegreat) they siriusly (hehehe) needs some IIBs…



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