The blog has lost its Appeal. All of it has been buried by a certain conspiring plotter, and is now lying in the bottom of a huge pit. It needs to be dug up. NOW!!!

We need need the faithful posters/viewers that are left to post on the blog and leave comments about the blog everywhere-leave comments on famous people’s facebopoks or something like that.

Life is too boring without this blog in action.


But we elaborate.

Maybe we should just do something evilly evil to get peoples’s attentions spans for at least a few moments……..


4 Responses

  1. maybe it’s cause ur not posting very much l8ly. U’ve got to make the blog perfect for everyone. now what do most people these days love the most… … … … …

    i suggest vampires, werewolves, taylor lautner, robert pattinson, bob, monkeys, justin beiber, pirates, and chuck norris. that’ll get people going CRAZY for ur blog!!!!!!!

    • thanks!

      i think the real reason is also that nobody is posting on the blog because the kind of dont feel like it…

      this whole thing is a group production but since hte last few months its mostly only been me…

      thanks for the advice! I will take it and eat it happily!

      and yes, vamps are awesome.

    • This is another Losercorn replying:
      Well, I feel that we should not change just to please the public. Our blog is like… a breath of fresh air that tastes like fruit-flavored jelly beans! In a world of… smelly gray smog clogging up everyone’s lungs and causing them to form themselves according to what the people want from them. None of the Losercorns, this one included, is a horrible person, but as we’ve mentioned countless times, we honestly don’t care what people think of us. I would rather have one faithful visitor to the blog than one hundred people that come just because we start talking about Twilight! (We hate to disappoint you, but we all prefer Harry Potter…)
      Rant over. And by the way, who’s Justin Beiber? ‘~’

  2. l8ly=lately

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