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April 25, 2010

We have decided to, until we forget or don’t have the time, post at least one strange picture per week that was drawn by a Losercorn!!
This week: The Pineapple-Head Fish Duck!!!

Wootzle. Click to see the whole thing!
The name says it all… It is a fish… or a duck… with a pineapple on its head! Yepperoo, it is!
And they are telepathic!!! Oooh!!!! And they eat only… you guessed it! Pineapples!
Which is kind of weird because there is a pineapple on its head permanently… Your thoughts?
-The Losercorns


April 22, 2010

Have you ever heard of a monsteruffin?

You know, the mutant monster muffin thing that feasts on mobile phones and only emerges from its magical hideout on Thursdays at 11:11?

We at Losercorns feel the overpowering duty to tell you about such creature!

There is no real need for you to know about the monsteruffin, as long as you are not a mobile phone, but as you simply MUST be an awesome person for finding this blog and therefor this particular informative post, so, well, you just should know!

A monsteruffin looks like a normal muffin.

Other than its striped fur, eyes, and random things sticking out from its head!!!

Any muffin you happen to see COULD be a monsteruffin in disguise!

You should ask said muffin if it is, or is not, a monsteruffin!

If it says yes, it is, in fact, a monsteruffin. We suggest cramming your phone in your mouth so that the monsteruffin cannot eat it. If you are lucky, you will eat it first! (Please note that phones taste MUCH better with some orange marmalade on top… Not that we would know, of course…)

If the muffin says no, than you should still be careful around it… Monsteruffins are notorious liars…

To help you visualize more accurately what a monsteruffin looks like, here is a rough sketch that this Losercorn made shortly after her last encounter with a monsteruffin! Her phone was never the same again…

You can click-y click on the image to see the whole thing!

Unfortunately, that is not the best drawing in the Losercorniverse…

We hope you get the point, though!

Watch out for those monsteruffins!!

-The Losercorns

We have added another Honorary Losercorn (que theme music) to our glorious midst!!!
April 10, 2010

Okay, so there have been a few requests for our 7th honorary losercorn…
(S)And, you all know that seven is the most magically powerful number IN THE WORLD!!!
If you did not know that, please get off this blog and stick your head in a toilet…
Anyways… the 7th Honorary Losercorn is… DA DA DA DA!!!


But you already guessed that…
Didn’t you???

-The Losercorns