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May 3, 2010

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No, we are not. Someone let our intern type.


While I go scream at Carl… please enjoy this pre-taped video of…

wait… what?

This isn’t a webshow?

Well this is a waste of my time…



Well this is embarrasing….


-The losercorns


The Loserversary!!
May 3, 2010

Today is the Loserversary!!!! Hoorayy!!! That means that it has been one whole year since we started the Losercorns’ blog! Wootzle~!

To celebrate and show you how far we have come since, well, last year, here is a re-post of the first-ever thing on the blog!!!!!
The Losercorns
First of all, we are the losercorns.

And before we confuse you anymore, let us explain.

There are two types of losercorns.

The ‘Awesome Losercorn’ and the ‘Suckish Losercorn.’

We, obviously, are awesome losercorns.

Awesome losercorns are random, weird, like to stand out, and don’t care what anyone else thinks.

We are outcasts.

We are awesome.

When you don’t have any other clique to go to…

You end up with us.

The bad thing about being an awesome losercorn is having to completely give up on all popularity and let your reputation plummet.

Some of the many good things about being an awesome losercorn are…

That you can do whatever you want…

So go ahead,

Throw moldy bananas at people that you don’t like,

Use your spoon as a catapult to shoot corn across the room,

Cough up yeast rolls,

And wear orange underwear on your head!

Being an awesome losercorn means that you do whatever you feel like doing!

Be stupid!

Be annoying!

Be yourself!

Awesome losercorns live for the moment, and have fun!

Being an awesome losercorn is being who you are and not caring what anyone thinks!

Suckish Losercorns…

Split into two categories,

The Idiot

And The Popular.

The Idiot is pretty self-explanatory.

If you ever find yourself:

Snorting when you laugh,

Wearing suspenders,

Or thinking that cabbage is a fruit,

Than you are most likely,

A Suckish Losercorn,

Category: Idiot.

And The Popular:

Also pretty self-explanatory if you ever were enrolled in a middle school,

They are,



Think that they are better than everyone else,

Overly-obsessed with members of the opposite gender,

Only wear clothes that cost hundreds of dollars,

And hate Awesome Losercorns.

So there you have it.

Everyone is a Losercorn.

Which kind are you?

The Awesome Losercorn?

The Suckish Losercorn?

And if you are a Suckish Losercorn…

Are you The Idiot or The Popular?

If you are a Suckish Losercorn, why are you reading this anyway?

Comment and tell us.

You know you want to…

-The Losercorns
-The Losercorns