A summary of 2010 so far

Here are some of the top things that happened or are supposed to happen in 2010. Not in any order, mind.

~Balloon Boy: A guy convinces his kid to fly away in a balloon. This all happened for the media. FAIL
~Puppet Museum UPDATE: They added Jim Henson stuff to the puppet museum! EPIC WIN!
~Obama’s State of the Union speech: Blah, Blah, Blah, now we are going to TOTALLY give up what we were just doing and try something totally different! Yaaaay! FAIL!!!
~Harry Potter theme Park will open: One word sums it up- Butterbeer. EPIC WIN!
~BP fixes the oil spilly thingy: Not on your life are they actually gonna do this on their own. EPIC FAIL!!!
~3D Tvs are coming out: This is no lie, we had a bet going in 2005 that 3D TV would come about commercially in 2010! SCORE! EPIC WIN!
~Prince of Persia movie will come out: Who snuck this one in? DECISION RESERVED UNTIL WE SEE THIS MOVIE FOR OURSELVES
~ Whooping cranes are slightly less endangered: Need we say more? EPIC WIN!

why are you still here?

Go away.


Bad woofle.


3 Responses

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  2. Prince of Persia is awesome! My mom thanks so too! So yah…it reminded me of Aladdin, sort of…

    • Sorry If you weren’t happy with the response! In fact, it came pretty tight over here at HQ as how to put on the Prince of Persia referecnce. It was pretty rough up until the point when the intern pulled out the Sands of Time and whisked everyone back to the past. It was about 40,000 years or so ago, and we were on this random planet, so we made a city. So… later, there was a specific HQ that was deciding what to do with their Prince of Persia response. One of the interns pulled out the Sands of Time……………………….

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