Despicable Us

Hello! This post is about the movie “Despicable Me”.

Don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet, we won’t give away any major plot points.

Firstly, we at Losercorns give this movie a 9.9/10. Our only problem was the “kid” humor that just doesn’t quite click unless you’re five.

The main character’s name is Gru. We will not go into details. Gru is awesome. Do not insult Gru. Ever. Or will will eat your cookies.

The movie is really funny, especially with the “older” humor that Disney/Pixar is known for. This movie is Dreamworks, but it has the same charm. Our only problem with this is that we are afraid that they will milk the movie into sequels like they did with Shrek. It basically can ruin the franchise.

We don’t think they will, though. The ending was very… um… ending-y.

As we said, the main character is Gru. He is played by Steve Carell. If you don’t know who that is, you might know Steve Carell from The Office. He plays Michael Scott. He is also a huge comedy person.

The primary antagonist is named Vector. He is a nerd. In a bad way, we’re afraid. He is voiced by Jason Segel (pronounced SEE-jill) You may have heard him before, but a lot of people can’t recognize him very well.

Gru’s mother is played by Julie Andrews. Before we go any further, Julie Andrews was Mary Poppins. And in the Sound Of Music. She is a NICE person. Gru’s mother is NOT a nice person.

Actually, almost everyone in this movie is pretty despicable, admittedly at varying levels. Almost. Except for three.

Anyhoo, although our favorite character is Gru, the minions come pretty close. They provide extensive comic relief. They also have a unique little language, which actually combines multiple different real languages. This is proven if you listen very carefully and if you speak a little bit of a few languages. For example, there is some English, a little Spanish, French, and probably loads of other languages. (By the way, stay in the theater for almost all of the credits. It is important.)

The last thing we want to say is a slight spoiler, and we recommend reading this after you see the movie. It will make more sense. You can read it, but we earnestly say, we quote, “PLZ PLZ PLZ NEVR EVR NOT YET!!!” The stuff below this paragraph is not a spoiler, but it will still make more sense later. What we want to say is this— Do you remember in the credits that the one minion was making hand puppets? Remember how Gru came up and the minion made a matching puppet and left? OK, remember how Gru chuckled a bit? Let us say this. That was a Number one evil villain chuckle. That was not a Horace the Clown chuckle. Let’s all remember that Gru is still very evil. But evil is fun, right? Tell me you might have once wanted to hug Malfoy, or Darth Vader, or someone else. Evil people have more fun because they have to pack it into those short little evil lives. Evil is NOT a bad thing. Um… At least in this case…

By the way, we did have an extensive summary of the movie, but it was accidentally maliciously destroyed.

And this pyramid is still for sale. 5 dollars, anyone?

NOT: Any similarity in this post to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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