Flip Flops

We really don’t like Flip Flops!
Ok… yes they are ok…
You can get hurt easily and when you try to decorate them no glue works!!! (except super glue because it is magicly magifullllllll!!![but who wants to go through that mess!])

So there is a solution!!!
All you have to do is click here:
Oh… Sorry it doesn’t seem to be working… uhh… this is embarrassing…
Oh well… I guess you could just go out and by Crocks? *sigh*

Why are you still here?
I will know attempt to spell flip flops with my nose:
ropi9p- rolpw
now I will attempt it again except with my lips:
flip flopsw
Not bad…
now chin:
c,jl cf,kjlzs
now toes:
flip flop[s
Not Bad!!
ok… well…

~this message was not made to offend any flip flop lovers.~


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