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magical harry potter song! (phew! it’s about time this thing got on the web….)
August 3, 2010

well, if you refer to one of our first posts, you will find that the losercorns are poets as well as uncontrolable spazes! and now, we are song writers too!

this song is related to harry potter in many ways. so if you dont like harry potter, this will not make any sense to you what-so-ever.


it’s the most magically powerfull number

yes it is

it’s the most magically powerfull number.

because 7 times 7 is 47

and 49 times 7 is something

and that something times sommething else is a number that i dont care to calculate


it’s the most magically powerfull number

yes it is

it’s the most magically powerfull number.

there are 7 weasly kids

and 7 players on a quidditch team

and 7 years at hogwarts wow what a coincedence!


it’s the most magically powerfull number

yes it is

it’s the most magically powerfull number

Hope you liked it!


Confession of a convicted villain (of sorts)
August 1, 2010

Um, so, I guess this is plea bargaining, huh?

Instead of doing community service or whatever, they make me confess on some random weblog. Whoop-de-doo.


First things first, I suppose.


Whew, glad I got THAT off my chest.

So, um, er….

Sometimes you wonder if your job choice was good for you. Law, corporate banking, radiology… um… I’m a used book salesman. Name? Why do you need my name, you little- er… video cameras, right… Well, my name is, um, I guess, Fred. What do you mean, “how do you spell it?” What do you take me for, some lousy- um, I mean, errrrrrgh… Phreadd. Yeah. Phreadd. P-H-R-E-A-D-D.

So, you want to get my opinion on the stock market? OK… Well, If you invest in Pepsi, the stock should be going up… in … about 12.77 days. Yeah. I have a timer right here…

Fraud? Who, me?

Time’s up? What? We just got started! What are you talking about, Sing Sing maximum security prison? Where’s my diamond cutter? Aiiiiieeeeeee……….

From the Losercorns-

Sorry about that little “incident”. Security started to get a little antsy after our little kleptomaniacal guest started running a loop of “The Office” on the security cameras and sent an email for “Free Tigers!!!” to everybody on the  email grid.

Don’t worry, nobody will know this happened. Nobody. The hit team should be at your house at six. Just wanted to give you all time to write your will.

August 1, 2010

*bleep bloop*…*whackwhackwhack* … Why won’t this EvilTron3141592600000 stop processing our blog phrases into delightfully fiendish expulsions with references to past vivisections?

Um….. that’s not what I meant.

So, anyway, curiousity seeps into our puny, useless cerebral nodes (if you can call them that), and we—–

Whoah whoah whoah… Ok, that is waaaaaaay out of line. Really. Nobody calls anybody here a cereal noodle if we can help it.

This is obviously a job for……….


where are you?……..

This is not good. That and the fact that the ice cream truck is late can only mean one thing……


Woooaaaaahhh… that was a pipe dream.


Hey, the EvilTron stopped working, useless scummy cretin that it is.


This post is just waaaaay out there.

Well, what we wanted to say was that the word Earth is a very strange word. I mean, look at the letter E. E. It’s a line with three little lines. What is that all about? E. Looks kinda like a caterpillar or something.

Ah, well…

Back to another day of destroying the world’s happiness, one smile at a time!




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