Hi. Did you have a good Halloween??? WE DID!! Wootzle. Halloween is nice. Do you know the origin of Halloween?? Too bad. I know and I’m not sharing so belch. but still heh… Free candy…from strangers. Yay!!!!! So what did YOU dress up as?? In our group we had
Betlejuice and Lydia
The 10th Doctor
Rainbow dash
Pinky pie
Dr. Octagonapus BLAH
a kid in a hat
An old lady
Some old time killer chick
An anime character (x2)
Miku (another anime character)
Artemis (Greek goddess)
And maybe something else but I think that’s it.
WHAT DID YOU DO!??!???!!???
tell us
Or we will kill you
And you will die a horrible cheese related death

-The (sugar high) Losercorns


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