An Ode to the Color White

So I was mulling things over, and you know what?

I think that the color ‘starch white’ is a vastly under-appreciated color.

No, really. Think about it! When do you see the color white? If you said ‘EVERY DAY’ (capital letters and all), then congratulations! You got the correct answer!

Think about it some more. I’ll give you a moment.

Not convinced yet? Well, let me give you a list of things that are white that you are likely to use every day:

Paper (Duh!)

Lots of Clothes

Vanilla Icecream

The Background of this Blog (As of Now)

Sour Cream



My Math Tutor’s Hair

Polar Bears (Which are brilliant!)

Ghosts (…Which is, to be fair, debatable…)

… Okay, so some of those aren’t things we use everyday… but they are still awesome!

So, the next time you question that white crayon in the crayon box and wonder what it could have possibly been made fore, consider all of the awesome-ness that White has to offer! (And goodness, use a piece of black paper, will you?)


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