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Honorary Losercorns: Teachers
May 13, 2013


Please pardon the interruption — we will return to your regularly scheduled programming shortly. 

Hello! We Losercorns would like to take this break to talk about some of the most awesome people on this little rock: our teachers.

You may not notice it, but they’re always there, looking out for you. I’m certain that when you think of your memories of school, you’ll be able to remember at least seven who have changed your life. We can certainly name a few!

Whether it be your English teacher who didn’t mind when you let your imaginary friend live under her couch, or the French teacher who made you feel safe when everyone at school seemed to hate you, or the teacher who let you hide out in her room and work on your amazing blog with your fellow Losercorns simply because she appreciated your creativity. Yeah, especially that teacher.

Sure, not every teacher seems great on the surface, but as soon as you look a little deeper, you’ll find something to appreciate. This has happened for us several times…

Think about this: You’re starting your school’s Algebra course with nothing but horror stories from the upperclassmen about the entire math department. You’re terrified, and you’ve given up on learning anything before you’ve even entered the classroom.

Then, a little birdie tells you that the man who will soon be your teacher taught your real-life actual hero when he was a kid. Maybe he’s not so bad after all? Oh yeah, and that if you treat this teacher with respect, in the way that you would want to be treated, he’s actually pretty great! Whaaaat? This man is a real life human being? Cool!

So, you can learn a lot more from a person if you actually listen to them instead of just basing your judgement off of what some other kid said.

Not sold yet? Have you met your teachers, and you still think they’re Suckish Losercorns? Fair enough. But just hear us out on one more.

Ever heard of a Sea Cucumber named Barb? If you’ve been reading our blog for more than five minutes, you probably have. Let it be said that even though her methods may have clashed with the Losercorns (numerous) times, we bear her no ill will.

“Why not?” You may ask.

Well first of all, because her programs led us to meet each other and gain our lovely name of Losercorns, but also because she spent time trying to teach us. It takes a lot of effort to band together fifty scraggly kids and teach them how to be musicians, but she did it. And for that, we thank her. So even though she was strict at times, and some things that she did still don’t really make sense, we appreciate her.

Do you appreciate your teachers? Think about it. It’ll make you school life so much easier if you do.

And, welcome back to this week’s episode of Pteenage Pterodactl! Get ready to watch normal high school students Pterrence Pterodactl and Stacey Stegosaurus put on miserable costumes and wigs as they become…


Fighting crime!

I bet you didn’t see that coming, did you?

-The Losecorns


We have added another Honorary Losercorn (que theme music) to our glorious midst!!!
April 10, 2010

Okay, so there have been a few requests for our 7th honorary losercorn…
(S)And, you all know that seven is the most magically powerful number IN THE WORLD!!!
If you did not know that, please get off this blog and stick your head in a toilet…
Anyways… the 7th Honorary Losercorn is… DA DA DA DA!!!


But you already guessed that…
Didn’t you???

-The Losercorns