Welcome to LoserClass, where you can learn how to do lots of amazing things!

Before you take a LoserClass, you have to sign up here.

Signing up here lets you go to ALL LoserClasses available on this page.

There are some classes that we would like you to sign up for LoserCollege before you do these classes. It is just a thing that Roxy from the management has.

Also, you don’t HAVE to sign up, but then you can’t do LoserCollege. Also, you do not get credit from the losercorn staff. If you use LoserCollege without signing up for LoserClass, it is ok AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT SIGN UP FOR LOSERCOLLEGE! If there are more people going to LoserCollege that people who have signed up for the LoserClasses, we will know and temporarily shut down LoserCollege.


Here’s the signup sheet!

Happy Classing!!!

Also, when you sign up by name just put your “NAME” in a comment.

Like this”’Name  Joins LoserClass!”’

To register privately comment to thelosercorns as in our wordpress webname.


5 Responses

  1. Pritali joins LoserClass!

    • Roger that Pritali, we are now logging you in our loserclass, in our online memory banks! You are the first member other than we losercorns, and sorry about the delay in the first classes. We will probably start out with basic Legilimency, Occlumency, and Charlie-the-unicorn-ology. We will work up from there! Also, new data supports that every losercorn who honestly finishes a certain number of courses gets a star on the LOSERCORN CLASS ROSTER OF WONDER!!!! the first number to get is 20 classes, but since there aren’t any open right now it’s gonna be hard to get there. those 20 could be any class, you could do Occlumency parts 5-20 and The Art of Doing Nothing parts 1-5, and then you are covered! by the way let all readers know about this. THANKS!!!

  2. Iz beez joiningz LoserClass!!!
    (Katie Bellbeez joiningz tooz)


  4. Jeremiah Wooten wants to sign up!

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