The Losercorn World

              The Losercorns, as you know, aren’t like most people. We are a little more….. not average? We aren’t that average.

And so, as the title says, we have the real world…. and The Losercorn World. The Losercorn World is our seperate world from the sane human beans.

The Losercorn World has several 2 main parts:

The part for the suckish Losercorn,

and…. for the AWESOME ONES!!!!

We focuse mainly on the AWESOME ONE!!!! which is, for now, doesnt have a name.

It has several main parts, which we will show you soon.

We’ll tell you the new things that are going on, the magical days when it rains potatos, and the days when the Suckish Ones are at a somewhat war with us Awesome Ones.

Here, Now, is……

Drum roll please…….

now oficially opened to the public…………

THE LOSERCORN WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10 Responses

  1. i’m special
    i’m a losercorn’s BFF.
    i ❤ losercorns more than other sites.

  2. Hey pritali just thought id say fro yo for you efforts in making losercorn’s blog a wafflier place. we all thank you. ZBZ!

  3. LOSERCORNS FTW! … that is all i have to say. thank you and good night.

  4. Strange weather in Losercorn World this morning! It’s partly cloudy, but the clouds are made of pink cotton candy! And the sun is a grapefruit!!!! (Yummy!)

  5. The Purple Peacocks are playing the Loony Lovegoods today at Pi(e) quidditch stadium!!! tickets are on sale for free at the next blue moon!!! (yes, the moon in losercorn world is blue…

  6. Oh, wow!!! There are neon light-covered banners up everywhere for the first Loserversary! Hooray! We will just have to check out the parade going on in Amazin’ Raisin Square this afternoon! The hippogriff marching bands are our favorite part!! Not to mention the WONDERFUL foods for sale today only… Emerson-flavored marshmallows are THE BEST!!! (Check the Mugglenet Wall of Shame if you are confoozled!) =D

    • Hehehe… By the way, what happened to all of the pineapples?


  7. i have a couple suggestions on posts on this blog:
    maybe u could incorperate this really new, yet totally awesome book and now movie saga about a girl who falls in love w/ a vampire and her best friend is a werewolf. it’s an epic love triangle that is unforgettable (for me, at least!). It’s named the Twilight Saga.
    really, i think that variety would be really nice in posts.
    BTW: luved the doughnut day post! those pics were incredible! did ya’ll take them???

    Pritzy 😀 ❤

    • Firsty, (yes we said firsty) twilight would be a wonderful post if we ever got around to reading it…

      Secondy, we did not take the doughnut pics. We had to hire a pro photographer and he failed in getting the pics to move. Next time we’ll try to hire from the Prophet to get some better shots.

  8. This website is freakin hilarious!! Like a year ago or so my sister called her bf a Losercorn n we thought she invented that word. N for some reason I decided to Google Losercorn n this came up. They think I made this website cuz of the weird things people say on here. They keep sayin I had to make it up cuz I say really weird things and since we thought my sister invented the word Losercorn haha funny stuff

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